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o I've been reminiscing about all the wonderful destination weddings I've photographed over the years. These are happy memories of amazing people in beautiful locations - vivid memories, not soon forgotten.

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Colorado. I live here for a reason - it's incredible! And there's a reason, plenty of them in fact, why Colorado is the #3 destination spot for weddings in the USA.

It can be refreshing and inspiring, though, to see other parts of the world, experience different cultures, and to smell the ocean. And there's nothing like dumping the sand out of my shoes at the end of a wedding day, crawling into a bed covered in a mosquito net, and letting the sound of the waves crashing on the shore lull me sleep. Ah, I can almost hear it now...

The first destination wedding I ever photographed was Angela and Drake's wedding at El Careyes in Mexico in March of 2008, almost exactly four years ago.
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Destination weddings are perfect for images like these. Palm trees, sunsets on the ocean, snorkels, and sun hats...
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The morning after the wedding Angela, Drake, and myself roamed El Careyes to take advantage of the beautiful Mexico colors and tropical architecture.
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A few months later I flew over to Wyoming for Meagan and Stephen's wedding in Jackson Hole. They built a chuppah in an open field literally across the street from Meagan's parents' home. The Grand Tetons were the backdrop. Perfection.
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Shannon, a Jared Wilson Photography Associate, travelled with me for this wedding and captured this image during the reception. I still laugh every time I see it - I so wish I could know what was being said here!
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In early 2009 I took a trip to Mexico for Lynora and Matt's wedding in Playa del Carmen. Most of the events took place at the Occidental Grand Xcaret. It's still my goal to take my family to Xcaret as soon as they all can swim (and maybe even before). I LOVE that place!

Lynora and Matt had Julie of Classic Creations plan the wedding in Mexico. Julie has done numerous destination weddings and with someone like her in charge all the pressure's off!
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How about Mayan Ruins as a backdrop. Unbelievable!
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If you're planning a destination wedding be advised: A groomsmen just may tear his pants to shorts, wear them as sleeves, and dance proudly in a sombrero. Can you say 'Tequila'?
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Also in 2009 I made my return to Mexico for Elena and AJ's wedding at El Careyes. Yep, my 2nd time at this little piece of paradise! How about surfing on the morning of your wedding? SWEET!
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We were fortunate to have Elena and AJ's wedding published in Destination I Do magazine!
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Katherine and Adam saw Lynora and Matt's wedding photos and just had to have me for their wedding in Mexico. Sadly, Katherine's father passed away just before the wedding was to take place and plans were changed. The day was filled with celebration still... for the marriage, and for her father. And it was truly special to photograph Katherine and Adam's wedding in Chicago.
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The Chicago Mafia... er, groomsmen!
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Oh, hey, I don't just shoot destination weddings - how about a destination engagement session in San Diego!
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Southern Weddings Blog published a wedding I photographed, and Erin saw it and knew she had to have me for her wedding in Delaware.
They chose to do a first look and at their first look they exchanged gifts and notes. The emotion on Ted's face is priceless.
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Ok, I have to tell you that the lighting in this photo is total trickery. A dark storm rolled in like you wouldn't believe and this church had NO ELECTRICITY!! I cranked the camera's ISO up as high as it could go, turned my aperture to 1.2 or somewhere near there, set the camera on a tripod, and turned the shutter speed down way slow. What does all that mean? This ceremony, believe it or not, happened in near darkness! It was AWESOME!
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If you've been around my blog here for any length of time you know that I'm a HUGE movie buff. So guess how excited I was the Erin and Ted had their wedding at St. Andrews, where 'Dead Poets Society' was filmed!
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Erin never blinked an eye that the storm turned the lawn to two inches of mud. This image is of her Vera Wang gown at the beginning of the night. It was a good 6 inches of solid dark brown by the end of the night!
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Wedding in Cabos? Yes, please.
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And don't think that by having a destination wedding you have to say goodbye to all the wonderful reception decor ideas you may have. Petrina and Javier brought along the Destination Wedding Divas who did an incredible job managing the weekend's events, and designing the reception!
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The morning after the wedding Petrina and Javier did a trash the dress session in Cabos. Yes, we trashed it. Go have a look!
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Reagan and Chris had me photograph their wedding at Four Seasons Punta Mita.

For the last year this image has been the desktop image on my iPad. It's perfect! If you'd like to download it and use it for your iPad or computer, you can download the HiRez image here!
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This lovely image of the happy bride and groom ended up on newsstands as their wedding was published in Destination I Do Magazine.
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Again, amazing reception details are still possible at your destination wedding!
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Like these... Taken at Shayna and Josh's wedding in Tulum, Mexico just last year.
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I'll never forget this moment as Shayna and Josh, during their ceremony, were throwing roses into the ocean. There was a strong wind coming off the water and their flowers were immediately thrown back! Classic.
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And then, last fall, I was able to photograph Julie and Mike's wedding in New York City. Oh, New York, how huge you are!

I just loved this old church in New York...
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I walked many a mile on the New York City streets... and I fell in love.
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I wonder where the next destination wedding will take me? I'm dreaming of Ireland, and Italy, and Greece, and France... Nebraska, not so much. :)
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