Friday Fun Day (Revisited)

What a fun few months it has been! It’s the middle of winter and venturing outdoors is rarely a good idea unless I’ve got skis strapped to my feet. Still, even though I’ve been cooped up indoors for the most part, these past couple of months have been a great time to recharge! This photographer has been able to take a vacation to California (see photos below!), spend some quality time with my family, work on some behind-the-scenes business stuff that often doesn’t get the attention it needs when I’m in the thick of ‘wedding season’, and I’ve had some time to gear up for a HUGE 2015! Read more

A Thunderstorm over Denver Colorado

On Tuesday night, as I lay in bed reading, Emily came into the room and said ‘Are you seeing this!?‘ She promptly pulled the cords on the blind to reveal the most spectacular thunderstorm hanging over Denver Colorado. Our home, and especially our bedroom on the top floor, sit high above Wesminster and Broomfield. Our view to the north stretches all the way to Erie and beyond. And high above was a light show like none other I’ve ever seen.

I quickly ran downstairs to grab my camera.
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Von Miller – Von’s Vision

No secret – I am a HUGE sports fan! I listen to Sandy Clough, Al, and Dmac so much that I feel like they’re friends. So when the organizers for Von’s Vision contacted me to photograph Von Miller’s first fundraising event I was thrilled. One friend described me as ‘dancing around the house’. Yeah, that’s about right.

I love the Broncos, (Seahawks), Nuggets, and Rockies – and you gotta love a guy like Von Miller. Not only for his on the field talents but for what he’s trying to do off the field as well! That is: getting 50,000 underprivileged children eye exams and glasses in the next 3 years.
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Hiking Zapata Falls With My Family

Here’s a random post – photos of my family! We recently took a trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. While we were there we went over and hiked upriver to Zapata Falls. It was a great hike (if you don’t mind temporarily submerging your feet in an ice cold river)!
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Outsource your photo editing!

Yes, I recommend to outsource your photo editing. Here’s my story…

At a recent gathering of photographers I was talking with a couple of friends and one of them made the comment ‘I can’t stay up until 2am editing photos anymore! When we started it was back when everything was film and it was so easy! You dropped everything off at the lab and pretty soon, the images were ready to go.’ To which I replied, ‘You can still do that today, you know.’

Now, admittedly, this has been an area of weakness for me for years and so it’s not like I’ve been ‘practicing what I preach’ for a long time now. I’ve made occasional attempts at outsourcing my photo editing but I will be the first to admit that it is hard to pull that trigger when I keep telling myself things like: ‘I can do it myself’, ‘It only takes X amount of time’, and ‘I can save money when I do it myself’.

I’ve come to a place more recently though where I’m realizing that later in my life, when I’m in a position to reflect back on all these years – these years when all three of my kids are living with me and my wife under the same roof – that ultimately what’s important is the quality of this time in my life which, I find, is directly proportional to the quantity of time I spend with them (and away from my computer).

When I get to that point later in my life I believe it will be more important for me to be able to say that I was a part of my children’s lives than to be able to say I netted X amount of dollars at the end of the year. So obvious, right!?

So, let’s talk about outsourcing your photo editing.
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