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Crooked Willow Farms Weddings

For any Bride and/or Groom looking for a wedding venue in the Denver metro area and trying to stay away from hotel ballrooms, Crooked Willow is my Number One referral. Yes, the very top of my list. Crooked Willow Farms weddings are always amazing. The property will belong to you entirely. You can have your wedding outdoors in the courtyard or on the lawn. Or indoors up in the barn loft. Same with reception – take your pick of any number of locations. And the choices are even more plentiful when it comes to photography. There’s a lake/pond, a giant red barn, a silo, horse stalls, old wooden barrels, flowerbeds, dirt roads with trees making a canopy over the top… It’s simply incredible. If you’re still on the hunt for a venue, you simply must check out Crooked Willow!

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