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Wedding in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a beautiful part of God’s creation. Nestled up near Grand Teton National Park, with open views, the world seems ripe for exploration – or getting married in! For a wedding in Jackson Hole, just set up the ceremony in a field on the outskirts of town and it’s like all of nature is your decor, and it’s almost all you need. Now gather a few family and friends together and you have it! The day before the wedding take them all down the river for a calm day of relaxing on the water and soaking up the sun. Do some celebrity spotting if you must – they’ll be here. And so will the wildlife.

Don’t like the city? Jackson Hole is the perfect small to mid-size town with everything you need, but the peace of being ‘away from it all’ at the same time. And of course, in the winter, it’s quite a ski destination as well! Need a little more info? They have a great tourist site here.

What do I love about weddings in Jackson Hole? In many ways it feels like my home state of Colorado – wide open natural beauty! Simply amazing.

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