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About Weddings at the Stanley Hotel

Living in the Denver Metro area myself I know how popular it is to take a day trip up into the mountains to Estes Park. It’s just 1.5 hours away, a pleasant drive, and Estes Park itself is a fun town to stroll around in and relax. It’s also right next door to Rocky Mountain National park and so almost every trip to Estes Park must include a visit to RMNP as well!

This is a great thing to offer to all of the wedding guests – a stay in the mountains and some time sightseeing at RMNP. And there’s no better place to make base camp than the Stanley Hotel. Ok, so maybe it’s haunted. And yes, they filmed ‘The Shining’ there. But beyond all that, it’s simply a classic hotel that has a specific ambience that many love. It features a grand staircase, a huge front porch, and a great front lawn to hold the ceremony – or cocktail hour!

What do I love about weddings at the Stanley Hotel? It’s gotta be Rocky Mountain National Park just a quick drive away. There’s a reason I live here in Colorado you know!

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