About Beaver Creek Weddings

I’ve photographed between 5 and 10 weddings I bet at the Westin in Beaver Creek and I always love to go back. Nestled there right on the river, the Westin is the perfect place for a Colorado mountain wedding without having to go ‘too far’ from Denver. One thing I really like about the Westin here is that their reception rooms that open out onto a large back patio which itself opens up to the large back lawn on the river. Why is this so great? There are so many options to have your wedding and reception indoors or out, and with our weather sometimes you have to make that call on the fly. The Westin is one of the best places I’ve seen at being able to handle all of this and give couples all these options.

And there’s even one other option… For couples who want to get married in a church there is the Beaver Creek Chapel just down the street. Have the ceremony there and then come back to the Westin to celebrate!

But all of these options aren’t why I love this place. For that, you just have to take a look at that lawn, by the river, with that view of the mountains. Incredible!

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