Avani and Anuj - Indian Wedding Photography Denver

Avani and Anuj recently celebrated their full Indian wedding weekend in Denver and I was happy to be a part of it all. For a photographer who specializes in vibrant, colorful photography Indian weddings are a real treat! What made this wedding even more special was that I've known Avani for years now as I photographed her sister's wedding just a few years ago and I've developed a special relationship with their family. Knowing their family - their mother and all three sisters - I so appreciate how close of a bond the four of them share and to be a witness to that love is pretty special.

Then of course we throw Anuj into that mix and it just gets even better. His family is so full of LIFE and made the days we recently spent together fly by with a constant smile on my face.

And yes, the rumors are true - I ended up in the program at the reception. I'm not a dancer if by that term you mean someone whom it's fun to watch dance. But if you mean someone who loves to dance - then, yes, that's me. And it was an honor joining in the celebration and adding to the joy of Avani and Anuj's wedding. Full of life, full of love, full of family, full of color... Thatis beauty!