Donovan Pavilion Vail Wedding - Kathryn and David

It didn't dawn on me until just before Kathryn and David's wedding that I've photographed so many weddings at the Beaver Creek Westin and Cordillera over the last few years that the Vail area is beginning to feel like home. But, surprisingly, it's been six years since I've photographed a Vail wedding at the Donovan Pavilion and it was wonderful to return!

Kathryn and David have a second home in Vail making it very convenient for them to make a getaway to the mountains to enjoy the beauty and cool mountain air of Vail in Summer, or make a base camp in the winter for a weekend on the slopes. Their home made a great spot for an intimate wedding ceremony outside at a place very dear to their hearts.

Soon after we made our way over to the Donovan Pavilion to celebrate the wedding with a bunch of family and friends. I might add here that I'm a 'meat' lover and I may have tasted the second best meat of my life at their wedding! They had a whole lamb being rotisseried on a large grill out back - and it was done to perfection! Yum! (Ok, for those of you wondering, my favorite was grilled whale in Iceland - killed for scientific purposes...)

Many of Kathryn and David's friends and family members made toasts to the newlyweds and they had all of us rolling with laughter. Then Soul-X cranked up the music and the dance party was on! Now David's father had a camera in hand and in use throughout most of the day. But when the music started he was on the dance floor, out-dancing all the rest. I'm not sure he ever stopped! I hope that in 40 years or so I'll be able to spend a day at a wedding in similar fashion!