Punta Mita Wedding at the Four Seasons - Reagan and Chris

Not a lot of wedding happen in the winter here in Colorado. It can be cold, gray, yucky...
So when Reagan and Chris asked me to be a part of their December 19th Punta Mita Wedding at the Four Seasons, I was thrilled!

Warm, colorful, beautiful... Epic.

After a couple days of lounging around at the Four Seasons, it was finally time for the wedding day. With the ceremony to be held at sunset, Reagan and Chris made the wise decision of doing a 'First Look' before the ceremony so we'd have plenty of time for photos before we ran out of light.

How amazing is that moment when a groom sees his bride for the very first time!? Here, Chris saw his bride, Reagan, for the first time in her wedding dress on these Mexico shores.
Of course, it wasn't just the two of them. A few friends came along!

And how about this backdrop for the ceremony!? I know Reagan had a lot of input into the look of the wedding and reception. So, how did it turn out? Magical! Everything was so delicate and sparkly, and at the same time, modern and fun. The band that played was out of this world. Most, if not all of them, are members of P-Funk. They do other gigs under a different name (which escapes me at the moment) - and man, can they play! Rumor was the vocalist was a former member of the Temptations. What a sweet, sweet voice!

Congratulations you two! Enjoy Bora Bora!