Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding - Emily and Ross

I'm so excited to show off Emily and Ross's wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch! It was beautiful, it was fun, and it was my first wedding shot almost exclusively on the new Sony A7RII and Zeiss Batis lenses (for you photo geeks who care). This wedding featured missing pants, a broken zipper, baby bumps, and the perfect wedding day weather!

Yep. Ross, the groom, left his pants at home. Hey - it happens! Fortunately he could wear one of the groomsman's pants and the groomsman could wear Ross's jeans. So, if you're wondering why he may stand out ever so slightly in the photos - that's your answer. :) Another of the groomsman couldn't get his zipper to stay up for more than a minute or two which led to a few laughs at his expense. Later, a roll of duct tape was found and the problem was quickly solved.

Dark gray skies made for wonderful images and some crazy, unreal colors. Syndicate Denver kept everyone entertained and on the dance floor and of course... Spruce Mountain Ranch. I hadn't photographed a wedding there since I helped photograph the wedding of Jason and Gina Grubb (fellow Colorado photographers) a few years back. It was everything I remember it being. Great facility. Great property. Awesome 'Colorado' views. Not too far outside of Denver. Simply, a fantastic spot for a wedding day!

Finally, the Sony A7RII. Love it. Small, yes, so it saves my body on a long wedding day. Incredible detail. The dynamic range is ridiculous. Love the EVF. I could go on... The Batis lenses are providing some new fun and creative possibilities. And to summarize it I guess I just feel inspired and even more excited to take it out for 'work' and create some elegant, vibrant, and in-the-moment images. Like most of these you see here... Enjoy!