St Andrews Wedding in Delaware - Erin and Ted

This is the story of a St Andrews Wedding.

It was here, at St Andrews, where, during their high school years, Erin and Ted first met. By the time they had reached their Senior year - it was official - and they were 'together', forever. Fast forward a few years and we arrive at their wedding day where Erin and Ted were married at the place it all began. St Andrews School (where 'Dead Poets Society' was filmed) - in Middletown, Delaware.

Erin and Ted opted for a 'First Look' and had one of the most touching first look's that I've ever witnessed. And the old church where they had their ceremony was truly unique! Nearly 250 years old and lacking power, lights, and a/c - it was a classic ceremony in so many ways! (For Photographers: I shot most of the ceremony at ISO 5000 on a 5D mk ii at f/2.5. When a thunderstorm struck and the church went virtually pitch black and they started shutting all the doors and windows I bumped it up to ISO 6400 for a while. Thank goodness the 5D mk ii rocks the high ISOs!!)

After the ceremony we explored the campus a bit for just a few more photos. I'm so glad that Erin and Ted made photography a priority! They did their first dance out on a dry sidewalk of St Andrews as the dance floor was covered in rainwater and mud (it was later mopped up). Once again, the school made for a perfect backdrop.

Did I mention 'The Flood'. It was quite a stormy day and many went barefoot in the sloshing grass by the end of the night. Erin was still sporting her full attire however, and I love the shot of Erin - Vera Wang, Valentino, and the mud! :)

The celebration was a blast and the guests enjoyed every minute of it. Congrats you two! What a delight to be a witness to your day!